Thursday, December 20, 2018

Happy New Year! New Dashboard and Live Analytics including Social Media!

New Year...New Dashboard!

Throughout 2018 we have been listening to you about the need for new analytics that truly gives you the information you need to drive monetization and engagement.  Thanks for your input, we listened and you're going to love what we've done!

Your new dashboard has a new look, live analytics at a glance both the Corporate and local level help you identify wins and losses.  Plus, new social media metrics, listener heat maps, and affinity categories help you make more informed decisions for Sales and Programming.  No more guessing and a faster path to revenue and more quarter hour listening.

Your proprietary AirKast "Engagement Factor" helps you compare your monthly performance by giving you a common metric to measure your growth by looking at engagement across all aspect of your audience usage including podcasting, smart speakers, mobile streaming and social media channels.  Make decisions faster and more accurately with big data!
What's New!
  • "Engagement Ring" creates new mobile measurement performance standards
  • New Dashboard layout with real-time analytics
  • Social Media performance metrics
  • Peer to peer performance comparisons
  • Secure admin group analytics for Corporate management
  • New "Affinity Categories" reveal new mobile sales opportunities
  • CMS Integration - web promos go mobile with one-touch publishing
See your current and previous month Engagement Factors along with Monthly Sessions at a glance!

New interactive charts at both the corporate and local station level help you identify new mobile opportunities for sales and programming!

New Age, Gender and Affinity category data that keeps you and your team informed as your mobile strategy and engagement grow!
Social Media Engagement

Ever wonder how your mobile audience engages with your social media posts?  Track which posts get the most click-throughs and see the content that grabs the attention of your audience!
Affinity Categories

Turn mobile big data into Sales

Now you can see what product categories your mobile listeners are most interested and target new clients with data!
One Touch Promotional Scheduling 

Now every time you add a piece of content to your website promotion slider it automatically appears on the homepage of your mobile app!

Get the performance metrics and upsell your clients!

Contact to get it turned on!

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