Friday, November 12, 2021

Mobile, Podcasts Driving Up Spoken Word Format


Spoken Word’s share of audio listening in 2021 is up eight percent over last year; and 40% over the last seven years. The NPR and Edison Research report shows mobile listening and podcasts were the main drivers for the increase.

Lamar Johnson, National Public Media VP and Megan Lazovick, Edison Research VP presented the findings in a webinar Thursday. The report revealed 75% of those in the U.S. 13+ are monthly Spoken Word listeners; with 45% daily listeners.

While AM/FM Radio is still holding its own in the distribution of Spoken Word Audio; digital has made significant inroads.

Here’s how digital has helped grow Spoken Word Audio growth.

While the report shows Spoken Word Audio listening has increased, and for the most part ads and sponsorships are noticed; research shows there is still a middle that needs work.

Other take-aways:
*Among 13-34-year-olds’ 26% audio time is spent with spoken-word audio; an increase of 116% over 2014.
*Black listeners spend 22% of their audio time with spoken word; an 83% increase over 2014.
*Hispanic/ Latino listeners spend 27% of their audio time with spoken word; an 80% increase over 2014.
*White listeners now spend 29% of their audio time with spoken word, a 26% increase over 2014.

“It’s exciting to see the growth in spoken-word audio over the past few years, particularly among young and diverse listeners. The demography of our country is changing, and it’s imperative that publishers and audio content creators are responding to those changes in the audio they’re producing,” said Johnson.

“While the growth in listening is really astounding, what stands out from this research is the use of spoken-word audio for intrapersonal needs,” said Lazovick. “The young listeners I spoke with turn to spoken word audio for help navigating life’s problems, making a meaningful connection, and discovering new points of view – spoken word is, for some, an antidote to a superficial social media world”


National Association of Broadcasters Announces 2021 Marconi Winners

One of the greatest honors when running a radio station is winning the recognition of their peers.  Congratulations to all the Marconi Award Winners for 2021!

This year's winners list includes some of our clients and we wanted to give a special shout-out!

Meruelo Media nabbed 2 top honors for KLOS FM and KLLI FM, for Rock Station and Spanish Station of the year.

Urban One grabbed the "Network/Syndicated Personality of The Year for The Ricky Smiley Show.

It's the company you keep that makes you shine, congratulations to our valued clients.

Friday, May 7, 2021

May 2021 - The fastest-growing mobile ad categories post Covid-19

Post Covid-19 advertisers are looking for more authentic ways to reach an intimate audience.  Mobile ads are delivering and the categories above are the fastest growing.  Now is the time to tap in and generate new revenue through 360 marketing programs that enforce that you can listen 'anywhere, anytime on any device'.

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Friday, March 26, 2021

 Has your mobile engagement grown during Covid?

With radio station studios becoming decentralized, streaming audio mobile has closed the gap for your biggest fans to connect with your radio stations.  In fact, mobile is growing in fact, over 20 hours a week of connectivity make it a category leader for distribution.

Nielsen's latest reports show how media usage has shifted and the importance of each platform.

Check out the full report here.

What's your current mobile strategy?  We can help, contact us for additional programming and sales training and to see our latest updates!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

 Looking for new revenue?  

Here are Borrell's fastest-growing sales categories for radio

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 AirKast Dashboard Updates

We've updated your dashboard with a ton of new features

Newest Additions/Updates

New upload pages for:
  • Breaking News
  • Show Schedules
  • Custom Buttons
  • Mobile Promotion
  • Alarm Clock
  • Breaking News
  • App configuration layout

  • Group Super-user mobile promotion reports
  • Local station mobile promotion reports
Push Notifications:
  • Now you can send in-app and out of app push notifications in One Signal

Training Videos:

Check out the new training videos so you can see how to set up key modules


Thursday, July 18, 2019

What Happens When Things Go Right!

What happens when things go right?  Success!  Point Broadcasting called a few months ago looking to re-launch their mobile strategy.

We spoke about what their goals were and what tactics to take to get their audience activated across mobile and smart speakers.

The proof is in the pudding!  The station did an outstanding job crafting messaging and creating promotions that increased all the key metrics including Uniques, Downloads, Session and even the ratio of onboarding new users for the first time.

Success looks like may things...and this is just one example!  Congratulations to Brian Davis and his team!

Metrics matter.  Contact us at to setup programming and sales training!