Friday, June 7, 2019

Engagement Factor: The Tale Of Two News/Talk Radio Stations

All Engagement Factors Are Not The Same

Here's a story of two AirKast mobile clients, both owned by the same company, both the same format in different major markets.  Both have award-winning legendary status, both deliver amazing local content and their AirKast "Engagement Factor" is almost identical but what's driving their mobile engagement is entirely different.

The station above is a major market Northeast radio client.  Their monthly engagement factor is driven by their podcasts on mobile with social media close behind.  These are in addition to the streaming audio they deliver.

This station is in the South.  Granted the news content varies by region, you can see how active their social media feeds are on mobile.

With streaming services looking more like traditional radio these days, from music to podcasts, broadcasters need to understand that mobile streaming and social are not silos.  They work in tandem to drive audio engagement.  

Set and keep track of your monthly KPI's, don't waste time on content that isn't resonating.  Take a deep dive into what fans are actually 'touching' in your app and tell your story better.

Use your AirKast "Engagement Factor" as a guide to help you stay informed and share best practices.

Need more staff to setup a refresher course.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

More people are engaging with mobile and television time is declining

For the first time ever eMarketer has stated that more people are engaging on mobile devices as their television time declines.  Now more than ever, fans are using mobile for movies, tv, audio, and games.  

Check out the article here.

If you don't have an audio strategy in place, we can help.  From Podcasting to Social Media we give you the tools to drive more fan engagement.  Your brand is more than just streaming music, news, or talk.  Use everything piece of content you can to win.

More importantly, set up KPI's to measure and track your progress through your dashboard analytics.

Email for more help.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Hey Siri...Open MY app! (Google does it too!)


Image result for person talking to siri

Apple released a series of announcements at their recent developer conference one that included access to local radio stations using Siri.

As an AirKast client did you know that you can already launch your local mobile apps by voice on your phone?  It works beautifully with Siri and Google Assistant on your phone.  All you have to do is ask them.

Voice activation is everywhere, that's why AirKast builds Alexa Smart Speaker skills for free as a companion to your mobile app, we're about audio everywhere!

We're also working with some companies right now to test voice-ads for Podcasters and new ways to share snackable audio in your mobile apps.  If you're interested in learning more email